Any Suggestions for Taking Glamour Shots to Give to My Fiancé in the Army?

Q. My fiancé is in the Army and soon heading out for a tour. I'd like to get a glamour shot of me to take with him, I mean something nicer than the snapshots from our phones. Any suggestions?

A. While I'm sure your fiance would cherish any shots of you while he's away, there are some techniques that professional photographers use to get those very special, memorable shots. Start with professional make up and false eye lashes, and wear something special for him (maybe jewelry he gave you or one of his sweaters or hockey jerseys for a little fun). My job is to set up the studio lighting and backdrops (or flash and reflectors if outdoors) and then we'll work together to send him a message through your smile:) And in support of Canada's Military we at Harrison Baker Photography provide a 15% discount to all active and retired members and their partners!

Fiancé in the Army - Wedding Photography Ottawa

Glamour Shot - Wedding Photography Ottawa

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